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Soundbar Reviews picks Philips Home Theatre for best buySoundbar Reviews

Would you like to have the best surround sound quality without installing many speakers all over your theatre room? Today you can have the highest quality of sound without looking at those blasted wires trailing around all corners of the room. Soundbar Reviews will provide the most up to date information on the current leading Soundbar’s on the market today.

Are you tired of reading copious amounts of Soundbar Reviews that all claim to review the best sound bar?

Soundbar Reviews will inform you of the best buying decision when you wish to purchase the latest in high quality HD sound for your home.

It is important to know who to trust when reading Soundbar Reviews, just so you know i am a movie fanatic and only like the best sound when sitting down to watch one of my favourite movies. You will be glad to know i bough one of these fantastic sound bars about a year back and have been very happy ever since. On top of that i even bought one for my girlfriend a few months back.

I was caught up in the decision to buy a soundbar or yet another surround sound system for my tv room and im glad i took the soundbar route. Never mind the HD Sound Quality that these devises produce but the overall look and “fit” in your room is just perfect. These soundbars match perfectly with any flat screen tv.

Ok back to the point, i really could go on and on about soundbars but ill try to keep this short.

I will focus on three Soundbar Reviews;

1.Best Philips Soundbar Philips hts 8100 Review

2. Best Sony Soundbar Sony HT-CT 150 Review

3. High end Soundbar Yamaha 4100


1. Entry Level Soundbar

This is a very easy decision to make even though there are many entry level soundbars around the $300 mark. ($800 in the shops – 300 online)

If you were trapped for cash and looking for a one hell of a sound bar with many many great Soundbar Reviews it would have to be the  Philips AmbiSound Home Theater Sound Bar with Integrated 1080p-Upscaling DVD/MP3 Player, HTS8100/37.

This system packs one hell of a punch for the price on offer. The features and the quality of sound is well on par with the best systems out there today.

The Philips home theatre system is in fact the one i bought both for myself and girlfriend (shortly after) as i was that impressed with it.

The Good

The sound is fantastic, crisp clear and does feel like a surround setting. When the bass is needed it really kicks in. When speaking with the many sales people around they were stating that the sound from the Philips Home Theatre System was second to none when it comes to clarity and heavy actions films. I can tell you i have to agree.

One of the deciding features that did it for me was the DVD player that was concealed within the unit itself.

The Bad

There are no video inputs but plenty of everything else.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a surround sound system that packs a punch by having top rating Soundbar Reviews, value for money and one of the best sound bars around then you will not be disappointed when you purchase one of these babies. The list price is for $800 which is an excellent price but even better, its available much cheaper online.