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Best Sound Bar in the Market: A Comparative review

Sound bars are getting more and more popular because they give that surround sound that everyone longs for minus all the speakers and wires that come with it.  It is also more affordable than the price of surround sound systems during its hay days.  This does not begin to mention that most sound bars are not just sound systems.  They are equipped with many other features that a lot of people find irresistible.  Now the question is, what is the best sound bar that you can purchase in the market.

I wish that there is a way to just give a model and say that it is the best sound bar in the market however, it is not that simple.  Although there are a lot of good quality sound bars made by the most trusted brands, you need to determine which one suits your needs and lifestyle.  The manner that you will use it will greatly determine which the best sound bar is for you.  You see, sound bars are created for a similar purpose by they are made in different manners.  Let us talk about some of the best sound bars that you can get in the market.

Yamaha 4100

If you are about the fusion of style and superb sound, then the Yamaha 4100 is definitely the best sound bar for you.  It is good enough to be used by even the most well known song artists.  First, it has an audio decoding function and comes with these items: built in DSP, speakers and amplifiers.  That means that this sound bar can stand on its own with no need to purchase more speakers and cables to connect them.  It has a UniVolume function so you never have to worry about constantly adjusting the volume of your TV when it gets too loud that its deafening or too soft that you can’t hear anymore.  You can even connect your iPod or iPhone to the Yamaha 4100 and play your favorite tunes in amazingly superb sound quality!  This is really expensive though so prepare your wallet for it.

Philips 8100

The Philips 8100 is also a good option if you do not have the cash for the Yamaha 4100 but still want something with similar features.  Although not as high end, this sound bar works pretty well in producing superb sound quality.  It may be the best sound bar for you.  It even comes with an integrated DVD player that can also play CDs and MP3s.  It has an iPod dock capability so you can play your favorite tunes as well as an HDMI connectivity to upscale videos.

Sony HT-CT 150 3D

Now if you are working on a budget but still want a sound system that is compelling enough for you to thoroughly enjoy watching your favorite movies, well the Sony HT-CT 150 3D sound bar may be the best sound bar for you.  Yes, it is quite affordable but it still has features that you will love such as surround sound, digital media ports and if you have Bravia equipment, you will be delighted that it is compatible with them.  This is the most basic sound bar option among the three.

Again, the best sound bar depends on how you will use it.  Determine how you will use it before you reach out for that credit card and pay for it.

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The Yamaha 4100 is the best soundbar on the market, but you will pay for it, If you do not mind spending the little extra its worth it.

If you are interested in a budget Soundbar with DVD player then the  Philips 8100 is the way to go.

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